Show ’em love! Customers, supporters and elected officials come out to tell Tartine Bakery they have the workers’ back!

Eat some pastries and show some solidarity, 

On May 22, workers at Tartine Manufactory received a visit by community allies and supportive customers, showing them some love and support. After having voted in favor of union representation over two years ago, members are finally negotiating their first contract with the company.


Local 6 Delegates and Members Come Together at the 75th Annual Convention, Decide Budget and Policy for Coming Year

On Saturday, May 21st, Local 6 held it’s 75th Annual Convention. Delegates elected in the different workplaces represented by the union joined members and retirees to participate in the discussion.

Rank-and-File activists hone their skills during training about Stewards rights and responsibilities

Over the course of the weekend of March 19th and 20th, Shop Stewards and rank-and-file activists participated on a training about the rights and responsibilities of a Union Steward.



CWS Reaches a Deal

Recycling Workers with Local 6 sign new six year agreement with CWS

After almost 20 months without a contract, the workers at California Waste Solutions finally got an agreement on a contract. The members will be getting an immediate increase of two dollars an hour, referring to the raises they would have gotten for the years of 2020 and 2021. Starting in July of 2022, members will receive a yearly increase of one dollar an hour.


Recycling Workers Join Protest Against School Closures, Highlight their Own Contract Struggle

Dozens of Recycling workers, members of the Warehouse Union Local 6 – ILWU, joined a rally at Oakland City Hall organized by the Oakland
Education Association. 


Closing the Deal

Recycling Workers with Local 6 sign new five year agreement with BLT

With the signature of the three members of the Negotiating Committee, Local 6 and BLT have finalized the new contract, until 2025. Stewards Josefa Reyes and Mariana Garcia, and Committee member Martha Orozco, signed the agreement as well as Secretary-Treasurer Jose Nunez, on August 27th.


Check out this short video about the rally to support the Mission 9, the union activists that Dandelion laid off right after the union election seemed to be heading the union’s way!



Labor Community Services of Los Angeles heard about the locked out workers at Stratas foods. So they got not one, but two huge deliveries of food goods (by the pallet load), diapers and gift cards and headed out to Fresno.

Other people and organizations have pitched in – ILWU locals, individuals and retirees have donated money and their time on the picket line.


Union members, supporters and allies came together on a sunny Saturday to demand that Dandelion Management recall the nine union members who were let go. While the company claims that it was an economic decision, the timing (right after the workers won the election for the union) and who was let go (all strong pro-union voices), are highly suspicious. Follow the Dandelion Union for more news and pictures



Forty-five members from Local 6 in Fresno, CA have been locked out by Stratas Foods since May 4th after workers unanimously rejected the company’s “last, best and final offer.”