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Rank-and-File activists hone their skills during training

about Stewards rights and responsibilities

Stewards and members from Heath Ceramics, AAK, Waste Management and Miller Milling were some of the participants.

Over the course of the weekend of March 19th and 20th, Shop Stewards and rank-and-file activists participated on a training about the rights and responsibilities of a Union Steward.

The training, organized by the Education and Organizing departments of the ILWU International, focused not only on the legal aspects of being a Steward, but their role as the first line of defense of the members. From learning to identify things in the contract and making the call around what constitutes a grievance, the training was built around interactivity and membership participation.

On Saturday, the training was held all in Spanish, for those Stewards and activists that primarily speak that language. The training on Sunday was n English.

Members from AAK, ACI, Anchor Brewing, C&H Sugar, Heath Ceramics, Miller Milling and Waste Management all participated in the intensive, day long training.

The training was organized by Robin Walker, Director of Educational Services, and led by International  Organizer Evan McLaughlin. Business Agents Corey Tacconi and Pedro de Sá, together with Secretary-Treasurer José Núñez, helped provided on the ground experience.

Anchor Brewing Public Taps Steward Patrick listening in to the training program.
ACI afternoon shift Steward Jesus (center), partcipates in the training with other ACI members
Kendra, from C&H Sugar, Alyssa from Heath Ceramics and Jesse from AAK.
Business Agent Pedro de Sá (left) and Secretary-Treasurer José Núñez helping with the training
International Organizer Evan McLaughlin helped run the training.
Nate, Steward at the brewery side of Anchor Brewing, was another participant of the event.

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