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Recycling Workers at California Waste Solutions Join Rally for Education, Highlight Their Own Contract Fight

Dozens of Recycling workers, members of the Warehouse Union Local 6 – ILWU, joined a rally at Oakland City Hall organized by the Oakland
Education Association. They were there to not only fight against school closures in Oakland, but also to highlight their struggle that they are in for
a fair contract.
 These workers have not had a raise since. July of 2019, even though they continued to do valuable work for the community and the environment, sorting recycling materials, during the dangerous conditions of the pandemic.

Workers discuss their issues with Council Members Nikki-Bas, Caroll Fife and Sheng Tao

Members came to the rally right after a grueling day of work, in large numbers.

OEA showed their support by inviting the workers to the main stage to highlight their fight.

The approximately 70 recycling workers impacted by the contract stalemate are overwhelming Salvadorian and Mexican immigrant workers. California Waste Solutions has a long-term contract with the City of Oakland that expires in 2035. The company is refusing to make wage increases for recycling workers retroactive to the expiration of the collective bargaining agreement even though the contract CWS has with the City includes yearly increases for wages. We have been trying to get the company to come to the table in good faith since last September. The company let our proposal of an extension of the contract expire without ever giving us a response. We had to force them to the table, despite the contract being expired for over a year, by getting an Unfair Labor Practice filed against them at the Labor Board.


Warehouse Union Local 6 -ILWU

99 Hegenberber Road

Oakland CA 94621

(510) 602-2001