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Recycling Workers at California Waste Solutions Settle Their Contract Negotiations, Will See Major Wage Gains Over Six Years

Negotiating Committee Member and Steward Alfredo Javier Signs the Final Copy of the Contract.

After almost 20 months without a contract, the workers at California Waste Solutions finally got an agreement on a contract. The members will be getting an immediate increase of two dollars an hour, referring to the raises they would have gotten for the years of 2020 and 2021. Starting in July of 2022, members will receive a yearly increase of one dollar an hour.

“The members have shown extreme resilience through all these months. They have stood strong for what they wanted and showed the power of solidarity,” Local 6 Business Agent Pedro de Sá said.

By July 2027, the last raise in this contract, the lowest classification will be getting paid $28.94, an eight dollar an hour difference from their previous contract. Members will also be getting two more sick days, to a total of eight paid sick days a year.

José Romero, Steward and Commitee Member
Below: Vicente Martinez, Committee Member

Warehouse Union Local 6 -ILWU

99 Hegenberber Road

Oakland CA 94621

(510) 602-2001